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The Easy-to-Use Active Directory User Termination Tool

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About Z-Term

This application allows IT administrators to automate common tasks when an employee leaves the company. Usually, IT administrators use multiple consoles and perform variety of tasks to terminate user accounts.


Z-Term Automates All This

Active Directory
  • Disable Active Directory Account
  • Reset Active Directory Password
  • Move users to dedicated OU
  • Remove Active Directory Group membership
  • Clear Manager field in AD
  • Set Description field
  • Set Notes field
  • Remove Active Directory Account
  • Change Distribution List ownership to
  • Set customAttribute5
  • Set out of office reply
  • Forward Email
  • Grant full access permission
  • Hide user from Global Adress List
  • Remove Calendar items from resources (remove calendar items where user is an organizer of)
  • Cancel meetings from terminated user’s mailbox
    (cancel meetings where user is an organizer of)
  • Disable mailbox
  • Export mailbox to PST format
  • Remove ActiveSync device partnership
  • Remote wipe user’s ActiveSync device
Office 365
  • MSOL User - Reset Password
  • MSOL User - Remove Office 365 License
  • MSOL User - Remove User
  • MSOL Exchange - Clear Out of Office Reply
  • MSOL Exchange - Hide User from GAL
  • MSOL Exchange - Change Distribution List Ownership
  • MSOL Exchange - Set CustomAttribute
  • MSOL Exchange - Set Out of Office Reply
  • MSOL Exchange - Set Grant FullAccess Permission
  • MSOL Exchange - Set email forwarding
  • MSOL Exchange - Remove calendar items from resource mailboxes
File Operations
  • Move home folder
  • Export user settings to XML (dump all user data to xml as backup)
  • Run custom script — For advanced users only Contact support for more info
  • Disable Lync Account
  • Disable SalesForce User Account

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What Our Customers Say

I spent hours trying to research ways of automating user creation through AD, Exchange, and Lync. It would take us 30 mins at times to enable/create a single user in between help desk calls. Most of the solutions I found were overpriced and still left needs unanswered. Terms were a nightmare as we had user accounts still left in active locations within AD. I came across Z-Hire and Z-term through Technet and thought it was too good to be true. I downloaded the software and configured within an hour. Our first “test” hire took 45 secs to create accounts for AD, Exchange, and Lync. This has not only saved us unnecessary labor cost, it helped prevent an IT revolt.
As a busy creative agency with freelance/contract employees coming and going frequently for different projects, it’s important to have an easy, efficient, accurate, and repeatable system for offboarding users. Z-Term allows me to do that. It has saved me hours and many headaches over doing it manually.
When you look at on-boarding and off-boarding, you find it is timely and exhausting process with multiple tools and accounts. This repetitive process just eats away at your valuable time. KARL STORZ has been able to engage both Z-Hire and Z-Term within our environment to decrease our account creation and termination to fraction of the time. These two tools have enabled us to hand both on-boarding and the off-boarding process to our Service Desk. The simple user interface and multiple templates allows all different skill sets to keep consistency to the process. There is no need to train them on multiple tools or require a basic skill set to accomplish this task. If they are able to perform data entry then they are ready to go. Zohno has dedicated staff that is very responsive and is open to feature enhancements. Several of my feature requests have been added to previous versions. Z-Hire and Z-Term are valued very high within our Organization. The time invested to configuring Z-Hire and Z-Term will easily time and money saved.
Z-Hire has helped our department streamline our new employee procedures and helped reduce duplicate steps using the template system. I would thoroughly recommend Z-Hire to anyone who manages an Active Directory environment with Exchange. Z-Term is also extremely efficient when it comes to removing meeting from terminated employees. This feature is a godsend.

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