Our customers love us!

  • "I have never bothered to automate user provisioning in AD and Exchange. We wanted to try out Zohno, and took me 70 seconds for the first user creation, after that I can finish all in about 30 sec. I have first seen this produxt through a friend that sent me a link to review it. Automation for windows tasks finally in low range price."
    — Lisica Marko
  • "Z-Hire and Z-Term has decreased our workload by at least 90%.  We have templates for different department in different region.  Select the correct template and AD, Email, DL, etc... are all created with one click.  Same thing for the Z-Term.  One click and everything is remove. One of the easiest and best product I used in the past 15 years."
    — Danny Nguyen
  • "Z-Hire is a very useful tool for creating new AD accounts easily and consistently. We have several sites with similar but different setups, and the ability to have a different template for each of these makes life a lot easier. It does the basics like creating the AD / Lync / Exchange accounts, adds groups, sets attributes / home drive / etc. and for anything it doesn't do, you can have a script run afterwards to finish it off."
    — Matthew Trigg

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