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Zohno Tools for On Prem


Easy-to-build user templates to standardize user accounts for future use. Pre-built set of attributes and tasks performed for each user based on department, office, region, or various account types: service accounts, employee accounts, VIP, etc. Create a user account with a single click.
Designed for IT
Our products are designed to help IT professionals conduct employee onboarding and offboarding tasks quickly and easily. A simple click will disable the account, move the user to proper OU, remove all group memberships, clear the manager field, etc, and proceed to the cloud to disable all user accounts.
HRIS-driven User Provisioning
Apply specific user templates based on HRIS data, and automatically provision user accounts with HRIS Integration. If Oracle, SAP, WorkDay or Bamboo is your source of truth, we have you covered. Our rule engine allows you to properly apply user templates based on HRIS data. For example, if the HRIS user department field is “Marketing”, apply Z-Hire “Marketing User”. This will ensure the new user is placed in the Marketing OU, Groups, and set the correct user attributes. This ensures that the Global Address List is always up-to-date.
HRIS-driven Groups
Automatically create and maintain Active Directory groups based on Organization Structure and Active Directory Attributes: office, department, title, country, employee type, company. These groups can be synced to Exchange or Office 365 for distribution list automation, or used for role based access control.
Account Clean Up
We make it easy to offboard a user properly by following your IT policies. A pre-built set of tasks ensure that each user is offboarded the same way every time, and proper procedures are followed. This makes it easier to comply with SOX policies, and makes for a happy auditor.
Office 365 License Management
Easily assign and revoke Office 365 licenses with the option to disable specific service plans. For example, you may have various Office 365 licenses for your organization, but only want to assign a set of SKU and service plans based on title, department, etc. We will make it easy to templatize that.
Supports Major Platforms
Zohno works with the major platforms for user onboarding:
Active Directory, Exchange, Teams, Office 365, Google G Suite, Zoom, Box, Slack
Custom Integrations
Highly extensible by allowing custom scripts to run as part of account provisioning and deprovisioning workflow. Custom PowerShell scripts for additional cloud applications such as Zendesk, Webex, GotoMeeting, Concur, Slack, Trello, and etc, are maintained by our engineers on the Zohno Github Repo.

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Zohno Tools for Google Workspace

Zohno offers the same user provisioning services (Z-Hire and Z-Term) for Google's G Suite ( now Google Workspace ). With all new support for G Suite, Zohno now works with Google Apps in the cloud and integrates with Zoom, Box and Slack! Sign in with your Google Admin Account to get started.
Zohno Tools for Google Workspace ( SAAS )

Zohno Tools for Office 365

Zohno offers the same user provisioning services (Z-Hire and Z-Term) for Office 365 and Azure AD without on prem infrastructure! We integrates with Zoom, Box and Slack. Sign in with your Office 365 Admin Account to get started.
Zohno Tools for Office 365 ( SAAS )

Zohno Tools for On-Prem AD, Exchange, Office 365

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